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ReSAKSS launches new interactive website

March 30, 2009


ReSAKSS has launched a new website featuring interactive spatial data and charts of the latest agricultural development data for African countries and regions. The website allows users to customize which indicators and countries to compare and displays the results in a variety of formats, including maps, bar and line charts, all of which are also available for immediate download.  


The new ReSAKSS website allows users to also visually track progress of different African countries and regions toward the CAADP agricultural investment and growth targets and the poverty and hunger targets of the first Millennium Development Goal. The website also enables users to easily carry out cross-country comparisons over time of a wealth of knowledge and data on agricultural development in Africa.  

These quick, customizable tools will allow researchers, policymakers, and development professionals to quickly find the information they need on each country’s progress towards agriculture and poverty goals and options available for achieving them. The website also contains a library of ReSAKSS publications covering agricultural growth and investment options for different African countries and regions.  

View the new website at  

View the comprehensive guide to using the website’s features here.

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