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ReSAKSS Discussion Group at International Association of Agricultural Economists Conference, August 16-22, 2009, Beijing, China

May 8, 2009

ReSAKSS will host a discussion group on “Informing African Agricultural Development, Planning and Policy” focusing on the requirements for a well-coordinated comprehensive effort to support the revitalization of national agricultural policy systems to transform African agriculture.

Based on the evidence-based analysis of ReSAKSS, the session will incorporate discussions on how to achieve a successful green revolution in Africa at the national level and how to strengthen weakened national policy institutions in Africa. The discussion group will spearhead the development and support of national agricultural policy systems within the CAADP integrated framework. It will also seek to learn how ReSAKSS can position itself to deliver timely and relevant products based on the demands expressed by diverse clients in order to better support Africa’s agricultural development challenges, and how ReSAKSS can further deepen its work in identified priority areas that provide immediate value-addition and transparency in support of key African agricultural development strategies from participants at the 27th Conference of the International Association of Agricultural Economists.

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