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New ReSAKSS Issue Brief Finds that Achieving CAADP-Targeted Agricultural Growth Feasible for Malawi, Reduces Poverty

July 28, 2009
ReSAKSS Issue Brief No. 11

ReSAKSS Issue Brief No. 11

Can Malawi achieve the 6 percent agricultural growth rate targeted by CAADP? If it does, will it reduce poverty enough to achieve the first Millennium Development Goal (MDG1)?

ReSAKSS Issue Brief number 11, “Achieving Agricultural Growth and Economic Development in Malawi: How CAADP can Help” attempts to answer these questions by summarizing the results of an IFPRI economywide model. The brief finds that although the CAADP agricultural growth rate is achievable for Malawi, it will not be sufficient for the country to meet MDG1. Yet increasing agricultural growth to the 6 percent level will significantly reduce poverty and increase food security, given that investments to the sector are efficient and well-targeted.

The full issue brief is available for download from the ReSAKSS website.

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