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Welcome to the October Issue of the ReSAKSS e-Newsletter

October 30, 2009
omilola at fao summit

Babatunde Omilola presents at the Special Session on Africa of the High-Level Expert Forum on “How to Feed the World in 2050”, October 12-13, 2009

In the past month, CAADP implementation has been progressing rapidly at the national, regional and continental levels in Africa with high potential to serve African agricultural development, food security and poverty reduction. Several African countries have held CAADP Roundtables culminating in the signing of their country CAADP compacts. As all efforts are now on deck to accelerate poverty and hunger reduction in Africa, it is important to ensure good coordination, cooperation and communication among the broad array of stakeholders concerned with agriculture and rural development in Africa.

For this purpose, ReSAKSS is convening a two-day conference on “Exploring New Opportunities and Strategic Alternatives to Inform African Agricultural Development, Planning and Policy” on November 23 and 24, 2009 at the United Nations Conference Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Among other outcomes, the conference will further shed light on the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in relevant Africa-wide process and their capacities to undertake their roles (including capacity to demand, provide and utilize knowledge).

ReSAKSS currently focuses strongly on providing tools, information and in-depth analysis that are required to successfully undertake serious monitoring and evaluation of the progress and impact of CAADP implementation, as well as the data gaps that need to be filled over time. One example of this kind of work featured in this edition summarizes the feasibility of the CAADP 6 percent agricultural growth target and its potential impact on the economy of Zambia.

The other news items featured in this edition deal with involvement of ReSAKSS at events and meetings on Africa. Examples of such events include the FAO High-Level Expert Forum on “How to Feed the World in 2050”; the Impacts of Non-Tariff Barriers in East Africa; and the Regional Symposium on Livestock Marketing in the Horn of Africa.

Feature written by ReSAKSS e-Newsletter Editor, Babatunde Omilola.

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