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Welcome to the November/December Issue of the ReSAKSS e-Newsletter

December 14, 2009

Feature written by Babatunde Omilola, ReSAKSS-Africa Wide Coordinator

 As 2009 comes to a close, it is only appropriate to look back on the accomplishments of the past year and the challenges and opportunities for the next. 2009 saw the momentum for agriculture at its highest level in recent years. World leaders met on several stages to commit to the agriculture for development agenda, pledging over $20 billion over three years for global food security at the meeting of the G-8 in L’Aquila in April and reaffirming these commitments and others at the FAO World Summit on Food Security in November. For Africa, both donors and governments reaffirmed their commitment to pursuing the CAADP agenda at two successful CAADP partnership platforms (CAADP-PP) and the Rwanda post-compact meeting. Significant progress was also made in implementing CAADP, with 11 countries and one region – ECOWAS – signing CAADP compacts during the year. In addition, the US government endorsed the CAADP as a model for agricultural development in Africa and beyond. In November, ReSAKSS held its 1st annual conference to discuss its support to CAADP through knowledge management, policy planning and monitoring and evaluation.  

Yet despite these successes, there will also be significant challenges in the busy year ahead. The financial crisis has increased the number of people in poverty and hunger, making progress towards the MDGs ever more urgent and difficult. In addition, estimates of the potential costs and damage of climate change to agriculture are high, especially in areas of the world that are most dependent on the land for survival, which points to the importance of adaptation measures. Finally, although significant progress has been made in Africa at the country and regional levels toward implementing the CAADP agenda, the real challenge now will be in ensuring that post-compact activities and commitments fall in line with compacts in order to make real change on the ground. ReSAKSS will contribute to this effort through its M&E framework, which is scheduled to be validated in February 2010 ahead of the next CAADP-PP in March 2010. The outputs of this effort will include, among others, reports such as the 2009 ReSAKSS-East and Central Africa Annual Trends Report now available on the ReSAKSS website and featured in this issue.     

Please stay tuned to the 2010 ReSAKSS e-Newsletter issues for more information.


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