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Welcome to the January/February Issue of the ReSAKSS e-Newsletter

February 26, 2010

The significant progress made at the country level toward CAADP implementation in mid to late 2009 is continuing into 2010. Since the November/December issue of the ReSAKSS e-Newsletter, two countries have held Roundtables and signed CAADP compacts (Senegal and Cape Verde) and one country – Togo –held their post-compact meeting. Five more countries are scheduled to hold Roundtables and sign compacts within the next 2 months.

In addition, many countries are now progressing from the first phase of CAADP that culminates in the Roundtable meeting and signing of the country compact to the second phase which focuses on validation, implementation and review of the investment plans laid out in the compacts. The ReSAKSS network has been working hard to monitor these developments by fulfilling its mandate to review and track country progress toward CAADP implementation and agricultural development goals. In January, the ReSAKSS nodes met to outline their workplans for 2010 which will emphasize implementation of the CAADP M&E framework. This framework will be debated and validated at the M&E Validation Workshop hosted by NEPAD in Johannesburg South Africa from March 1 to 4 2010. ReSAKSS has also made an advance copy of the 2009 Annual Trends and Outlook Report available online, which provides an overview of agricultural performance, investment and other indicators over the past year. These developments and more can be easily tracked on the ReSAKSS website, through the bi-monthly e-Newsletter and through the newly launched ReSAKSS Twitter page.


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