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Two Publications Examine Impact of Trade Reform on Developing Countries

June 21, 2010

How Would a Trade Deal on Cotton Affect Importing and Exporting Countries?, ICTSD, May 2010

From the paper: The WTO Doha Round could have a significant positive impact on world cotton prices and contribute to the expansion of cotton production and exports in developing countries. However, the likelihood of such an outcome is highly dependent on the depth of the subsidy reductions adopted by WTO members. The poor record of internal policy reforms in key subsidizing countries and the failure of the US to comply with recommendations from the WTO Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) highlight the importance of multilateral trade negotiations in addressing the profound distortions that characterize the world cotton market.

Access the paper here.

Open Markets for the Poorest Countries: Trade Preferences that Work, The CGD Working Group on Global Trade Preference Reform, April 2010

From the report: The CGD Working Group on Global Trade Preference Reform shows how changes to trade preference programs could greatly benefit those living in the poorest countires at very little cost to preference-giving countries.

Access the report here.

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