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Report Examines Role of Markets and Trade in Achieving Food Security

June 28, 2010

The Role of Markets and Trade in Food SecurityCenter for Strategic and International Studies, June 2010

From the report: By 2050 it is estimated that the world will need to increase food production by 70 percent to feed a larger, more urban, and, it is hoped, wealthier population.1 It will have to accomplish this in the context of shrinking availability of arable land and water and other environmental constraints. Increased investment in research and development and improvements to production capacity are absolutely vital to increase the availability of food. Usually less emphasized but equally crucial for boosting productivity and availability of food is the existence of markets. Markets and trade also contribute to achieving global food security2 by increasing access to food.

This report briefly outlines the food security challenge facing the world and then expands on the often-overlooked role that markets and trade play in achieving food security. Recognizing the important U.S. initiatives under way, the report offers a set of recommendations on how the United States can concretely work to strengthen markets and trade.

Access the report here.

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