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Report Examines Impact of US Import Policies On AGOA

July 19, 2010

AGOA Countries: Considerations in Exporting Horticultural Products to the United States, International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council and the Partnership to Cut Hunger & Poverty in Africa, July 2010

From the report: Congress, the Administration, and other stakeholders continue to be involved in serious efforts to improve upon the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA), which was first signed into law a decade ago, on May 18, 2000. To meet its objective of enhancing U.S. market access for sub-Saharan African countries that are pursuing market reforms measures, the AGOA preferential trade legislation was designed to encourage and support countries in this region “that are taking often difficult but critical steps necessary to create more open, market and growth-oriented economies.”

This report outlines U.S. import approval procedures for horticultural products and examines the extent to which this process hindered AGOA country horticultural product exports to the U.S.  The paper concludes that simply providing duty-free treatment is not enough to trigger more trade for these high-value agricultural products, and explores what additional steps are required–on both the African and U.S. side–to remedy this situation, and to help meet the broader agenda of “expanding the number of beneficiary countries which use AGOA benefits; diversifying AGOA exports away from primary commodities such as oil; making trade capacity building more effective for AGOA beneficiaries; and strengthening the link between poverty reduction and trade in Africa.”

Access the report here.

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