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Two reports inform debate over land purchase

February 17, 2011

Two recent publications consider the phenomena of farmland purchases so as to better inform and advise the key actors.  Farmland, an essential component of agricultural growth and development, is also the focus of CAADP Pillar 1.  

Land Deals in Africa: What is in the Contracts?, IIED 2011

This report considers 12 African land contracts.  According to the author, “the aim is to discuss the contractual issues for which public scrutiny is most needed and to promote informed public debate about them” (Catulo 2011).  The report examines a number of key issues and concerns, finding need for greater public scrutiny and more inclusive debates.

Access the report here.

Rising Global Interest in Farmland: Can it yield sustainable and equitable benefits?, World Bank 2011

This World Bank report offers data and analysis on large scale farmland investment so as to fill the farmland purchase information gap as well as “provide key data needed to facilitate an informed debate about large scale land acquisition” (Deininger et al 2011).  The report also aims to consider empirical evidence, contextualize and assess past farmland purchases, consider the supply side of the situation, and outline options going forward.  To that end, the report establishes a set of principles for responsible agro-investment and outlines recommendations to help stakeholders manage the risks and rewards of farmland investment. 

Access the report here.

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