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CAADP Update: New support for Non State Actors to participate in CAADP

February 25, 2011


Dear Colleagues,

CAADP is Africa’s vehicle to unlock the potential for growth and poverty reduction through agriculture. At the last CAADP Partnership Platform we resolved to strengthen the participation of Non State Actors in agriculture through this transformation process. Whether farmers organisations, private sector organisations, civil society groups or the media; everyone has a vital role to play.

Since the Partnership Platform, our Non State Actor working group has made significant progress. We are pleased to announce three related initiatives that will enable Non State Actors to better harness the “vehicle” of CAADP, and thereby improve their contribution to agricultural development across Africa…

1. Guidelines for Non State Actor Participation in CAADP processes
The working group has completed a set of guidelines that propose how Non State Actors can contribute fully to the planning and implementation of agricultural policy, using the CAADP structures. They are written as a toolkit for all CAADP partners – Non State Actors themselves, Government bodies, and Development Partners.
 We strongly encourage you to read the guidelines, use them to inspire dialogue within your constituency, and then, whatever your context, commit to an action plan to enhance your contribution to your national agricultural agenda.

Access the rest of the letter, the guidelines (in French and English), information about the NSA Coordination Task Team, and information about hosting NSA Coordination Task Team workshops at the CAADP Blog.

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  1. April 1, 2011 12:34 pm

    Am please to be a part of the champion of change in the area of food secrurity in Africa and to mobilize the churches and farmers in Libria and West Africa, to join in the fight against hunger,cuase No food No secrurity for Africa.
    I believed that “The value of Africa Land is determine by what africans do with it”
    Rev.Robert Bimba

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