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ReSAKSS participates in 7th CAADP PP

March 30, 2011

ReSAKSS coordinator Sam Benin participated in the 7th CAADP PP in Yaounde, Cameroon.  He presented on ReSAKSS’s 2010 progress, key ReSAKSS’s outputs, and future objectives at the following meetings:

The ReSAKSS Continental Steering Committee meeting

The presentation, “ReSAKSS 2010 Progress and 2011 Work Plan,”  includes information on ReSAKSS’s 2010 progress, 2010 M&E report, 2011 Workplan, as well as ReSAKSS’s proposal for establishing Country SAKSS.

7th CAADP PP meeting

The presentation, “Monitoring African agricultural development processes and performance: a comparative analysis,” includes a summary of ReSAKSS’s flagship publication, the Annual Trends and Outlook Report 2010.

The CAADP PP Business Meeting

The presentation,“Report of the 2nd ReSAKSS Continental Steering Committee Meeting,” shares the outcomes of the Steering Committee meeting as well as a proposal for setting up country SAKSS.

For more information on the 7th CAADP PP and meeting outcomes, see the following CAADP reports:

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