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Global Food Crisis and East Africa – The Lancet

July 5, 2011

The problem is that the USA, Europe, and other wealthy donors tend to wait until the crisis is full blown—eg, television pictures of babies with bloated bellies—until they hand over badly needed funds. “Donors are inherently driven by the politics of response”, said Barrett. As one senior US aid official describes it, humanitarian assistance is almost nonexistent in Somalia, weak in Ethiopia, and just ramping up in Kenya.

The Lancet’s Samuel Loewenberg reports in desperate attempt to aid Eastern Africa and their drought problem, saying that donors are not doing enough to respond rapidly to the present emergency situation.  Countless reports have recounted the desperation that drought has created in the region, however this report says that not enough has been done to satisfy the devastating food security needs in the areas.

Read the full Loewenberg article here: Global Food Crisis takes heavy toll on east Africa

To find the full Lancet volume visit:  Global food crisis takes heavy toll on east Africa

The Lancet, Volume 378, Issue 9785, 2 July 2011-8 July 2011, Pages 17-18. Samuel Loewenberg.

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