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Nigeria | Agricultural Investment Plan, CAADP Update

July 25, 2011

Nigeria-wide CAADP progress is in the making.

Abuja, Nigeria – Nigeria will be hosting a total of six National Agriculture Investment Plan (NAIP) sensitization workshops to explain the plans for CAADP driven agricultural movement over the coming years.  Each workshop will be held in a different geopolitical zone throughout Nigeria.  The objective is to inform and involve each of the stakeholders from each of the 36 states and Abuja on the dynamics of the NAIP.

Luke McCarthy, of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the National Strategy Support Plan (NSSP) of Nigeria, has informed ReSAKSS that the hope of these workshops is for each Nigerian state to eventually produce a State-specific Agricultural Investment Plan (SAIP).  The SAIP will be an adaptation of the original National Agricultural Investment Plan (NAIP) of Nigeria.  Once each of the states compile the ideal strategy for agricultural growth, it will then help inform the overall strategy for the Nigeria-wide NAIP.  Where it is necessary, smaller workshops will be made available by IFPRI to further help states develop their SAIP.

The NAIP sensitization workshops throughout Nigeria are commenced in recent weeks and will be ongoing until November.  The reports on IFPRI-Nigeria’s progress will be made available as each of the workshops conclude.

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