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Introducing Emmanuel Musaba as ReSAKSS Southern Africa Coordinator

August 16, 2011

It is with great pleasure that the ReSAKSS community welcomes and introduces our new Southern Africa Coordinator of ReSAKSS, Emmanuel Musaba.

Emmanuel is a graduate of University of Zambia, Lusaka (BAgrSc, 1984) University of Guelph, Canada (MSc, 1988), and University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada (PhD, 1996) in Agricultural Economics. He worked briefly in the ministry of agriculture in Zambia as a provincial farm management economist in 1984. Emmanuel joined the University of Zambia as a staff development fellow in 1984, and was appointed as lecturer of agricultural economics in 1988. He served as head of the department of agricultural economics and extension at the University of Zambia (1997-2001). He moved to University of Namibia in 2001 and served  Deputy Dean for the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources (2004-2005), and as head/senior lecturer of agricultural economics (2005-2011). He joined IWMI as Economist and ReSAKSS-Southern Africa Coordinator based in Pretoria South Africa, in June 2011. Emmanuel’s research interests include agricultural policy, rural development, agricultural marketing, food security, technology adoption, production economics and impact analysis.

The Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System (ReSAKSS) is a an Africa-wide network that provides analysis, data, and tools to promote evidence-based decision making , improve awareness of the role of agriculture for development in Africa, fill knowledge gaps, promote dialogue and facilitate the benchmarking and review processes associated with the AU/NEPAD’s Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) and other regional agricultural development initiatives in Africa.


Musaba, E.C. and  Namukwambi,  M.  (2011) Socio-economic determinants of consumer  fish purchase in Windhoek, Namibia.  (Online African Journal of Agricultural Research   Vol 6 (6) March: 183-1488.

Musaba E. C. (2010) Analysis of factors influencing adoption of cattle management technologies by communal farmers in Northern Namibia. Livestock research and rural development. Volume 22, Article # 104.

Musaba, E.C. and Sheehama, E. (2009)   Socio-economic factors influencing harvesting of eembe (Discolor Berchemia) wild fruits by communal households in Ohangwena  region, Namibia”Namibian Development Journal Vol 2, No.1

Musaba, E. C., M.M. Eiseb and K. Kanghueehi. (2008) “Factors affecting productivity of livestock on communal and resettled farms in Omaheke Region, Namibia”. Paper presented at the 49th Annual Conference of the South African Agricultural Economics Association: Rethinking Rural Development in Southern Africa, 23-25 September 2008, Windhoek, Namibia.

Musaba, E.C., Petrus, P and Nanyome, L. (2009) Analysis and constraints of goat production in northern Namibia – a case study in Onesi and Ruacana constituency. Proceedings of  Joint FAO/IAEA International Symposium on Sustainable Improvement of Animal Production and Health. 8-11 June, 2009. Vienna, Austria.  page123.

Chilonda, P., G.Van Huylenbroeck, L.D’Haese, E.C.Musaba, K.L.Samui, and B.Ahmadu. (2000) Small-scale cattle production in Eastern province, Zambia: objectives, productivity and constraints. Outlook on Agriculture Vol.29, No.2, pp 109-121.

Chilonda, P., G.Van Huylenbroeck, L.D’Haese, K.L.Samui, E.C.Musaba,  M.Imakando and B.Ahmadu. (1999) Cattle production and veterinary care systems in Zambia. Outlook on Agriculture Vol.28, No.2, pp 109-116.

Musaba E.C., Lupanga, I, J; Nesongano, C. and Marenga, M. (2003) The Baseline Questionnaire Survey of Farmer’s Awareness, Knowledge, attitudes and Practices (AKAP) of farming technologies in Omaheke. Omusati and Kavango regions of Namibia. Prepared for the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development and FAO, Namibia. TCP/NAM/2801.

Musaba, E.C. and Nesongano, C. (2004) Evaluation of the Namibian Cotton Programme. National Agricultural Support Programme (8th EDF) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development, Republic of Namibia. NASSP No. 12.

Musaba, E.C. and M. Nandi (2005). Investigation into the Production economics of Smallholder Sorghum in the NCAs. Prepared for the Namibian Agronomic Board, Windhoek.

Musaba E.C (Dec. 1999) Agricultural Sector Performance Analysis for 1998: Analysis of Changes and developments in the Private sector. A Report prepared for Ministry of agriculture, Food and Fisheries, Funded  by the World Bank. Lusaka, Zambia.

Musaba E.C), E. Zulu, G. Mwila, M. Mbunji, C. Masi and P. Fredricksson  (1999) Formulation of the National Seed Industry and Research Policy  in Zambia, Commissioned by MAFF, Funded by UNDP and Sida, Lusaka.

Musaba E.C (1997)     Baseline Study: Constraint Analysis of the Post-Production Sector for Maize and Cassava in Zambia, First Mission Report by   the National Agricultural Economist, The United Nations Food Agriculture Organization (FAO), Zambia. (ZAM/003/PFL PROJECT)

Contact Information:


Researcher/ ReSAKSS-Southern Africa Coordinator

International Water Management Institute (IWMI)



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