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ReSAKSS – Eastern & Central Africa: Tanzania Mission Notes

September 2, 2011

Missions were fielded to Tanzania in June and July to organize a dissemination workshop for the 2011 ReSAKSS Annual Trends and Outlook Report and the discussion of the creation of a Tanzania country-SAKSS node.  The dissemination conference was attended by both generators of productivity statistics and users of productivity statistics as well as monitoring and evaluation specialists. Attendees included government ministries and departments at the national level (25 participants), local government authorities (7 participants), private sector (5 participants), universities (4 participants), JICA (1 participant), USAID (5 participants), IFAD (1 participant) and NGOs (3 participants).  Twenty-two percent of the participants were women. More details can be found in the quarterly progress report.

One such meeting held was the “CAADP SAKSS & Mutual Accountability Framework Planning Meeting” which took place on July 19–21, 2011 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to:

  1. Discuss countries’ experiences and expectations in undertaking M&E and accountability related initiatives;
  2. Develop strategies for providing coordinated support to countries in operationalizing and strengthening M&E and accountability systems;
  3. Select additional countries for SAKSS and mutual accountability-support; and
  4. Develop a roadmap for providing support to countries in the establishment/strengthening of country SAKSS and of mutual accountability mechanisms.

The ReSAKSS representatives were able to iterate the importance of the creation of a country level SAKSS node to facilitate the progress of the terms of the CAADP compact. The country SAKSS node was well accepted by Tanzanian and African Union and NEPAD authorities. These dissemination workshops reflect ReSAKSS’ continued commitment to increasing capacity in data management, analysis, as well as monitoring and evaluation of the CAADP process.  More details can be found in the ReSAKSS Quarterly Report.

For more background on progress view: Trends and Outlook Report on Key Agriculture and Rural Development Indicators in Tanzania

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