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Mozambique Signs CAADP Compact

December 12, 2011

Final Draft of Mozambique’s CAADP Compact

Mozambique’s CAADP Compact was signed as planned on Friday, December 9th, 2011.  They are the 28th country to sign the CAADP compact.  Representatives of the Mozambican Government, development agencies, ambassadors of USA and Canada, the World Bank (representing the bulk of other donors), IFAD, FAO, farmers’ organizations, civil society organizations, NEPAD/African Union and SADC each signed the Compact.  The official signing ceremony was led by the Prime Minister of Mozambique.

The original draft Compact entitled “Compact for the Development of Agricultural Sector in Mozambique in the Context of CAADP,” was created on November 24, 2011.   The Portuguese version is available here.  The finalized signed compact will be available in coming weeks.

For more information please contact Rafael N. Uaiene, the Mozambique-SAKSS  leader and IFPRI country representative, at

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