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Shaping the Future of Web Interaction

December 13, 2011

Web traffic to has increased slightly during the 3rd quarter reporting period thanks to increased web efforts via social media sites such as the ReSAKSS blog, Facebook and Twitter. The ReSAKSS-AW team performed a web user survey to better understand the website’s audience and their preferences, information that will be used to improve the utility of the website.

The survey was sent to over 400 people based on their attendance at CAADP meetings, subscription to the ReSAKSS newsletter, as well as individuals in the networks of the regional nodes.  134 web users responded to the survey in both French and English. We found that CAADP events are the biggest driver to the ReSAKSS site and 43% of respondents discovered ReSAKSS at a CAADP event.  When asked what they would like to see more of on ReSAKSS web, respondents cited “more data and charts for download” (54%), “CAADP News” (52%) and “publications” (45%), respectively.  As expected, most (48%) of respondents visited for information on CAADP implementation.

The survey was useful in describing the ReSAKSS audience with the majority representing visitors from the research, analytical and policy fields.  An increased need for availability of data was expressed by most respondents.  The diversity of the web audience was reflected in the increased demand for translation of ReSAKSS publications and materials. The survey is an important tool that will aid in the implementation of a ReSAKSS web update that is to occur in 2012.

For more information view the full results of our web-user survey in our ReSAKSS-AW Quarterly.

Story submitted by Heather Wyllie, Senior Research Assistant of ReSAKSS-AW.  For more information, please contact Heather at

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