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USAID-East Africa Supports a Capacity Building Event in the Eastern and Central Africa Region

March 19, 2012

USAID-East Africa Supports a Capacity Building Event in the Eastern and Central Africa Region, March 13th-17th, 2012

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ReSAKSS-ECA recently organized a technical training on Data Management and Analysis for Policy Analysis and M&E in Agriculture from March 13th –17th, 2012, held at the ILRI Campus in Nairobi with the financial support from USAID East Africa.

Participants to this workshop were individuals responsible for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in agriculture and rural development in national and regional institutions.  Those invited were especially involved in the collection, management and analysis of agriculture data. A total of 35 participants attended the workshop including 23 men and 12 women. The breakdown of the participants per country of origin was as follows: Burundi (3), DRC (2), Ethiopia (3), Kenya (12), Rwanda (3), Uganda (6) and Tanzania (6).

The training workshop was organized as part of ReSAKSS’s agenda on capacity building in support of the implementation of the CAADP in the East and Central Africa region. The contents of the training were tailored to meet specific needs based on feedback from participants of previous training workshops, organised by ReSAKSS-ECA, which indicated that targeted technical trainings to the M&E technical offices were highly necessary.  The previous training events have been rated to be very relevant to trainees work. The aim of the current training was to provide the participants with skills to enhance their efficiency and quality of their outputs for policy analysis and M&E. At the end of the training, it was expected that the participants would have increased understanding of database design and management and ability to analyze and manipulate data using STATA. The participants were also introduced to policy impact evaluation and various statistical analysis methods that are relevant for their work.

This event’s proceedings was prepared by Paul Guthiga ( a Policy Analyst at ReSAKSS-ECA. 

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  1. September 17, 2012 1:09 am

    Thank you for providing the information of eastern and central Africa. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

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