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ReSAKSS-ECA Steering Committee meets in Nairobi for review and planning of project activities

July 5, 2012

Participants at the ReSAKSS-ECA steering committee meeting held on 12 June 2012. Left to right: Timothy Wesonga (EAC); Tom Kakuba, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Uganda; Shirley Tarawali, ILRI; Joseph Karugia, ReSAKSS; Peter Ewell, USAID; Sam Kanyarukiga, COMESA; Claude Bizimana, Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Rwanda, Stella Massawe, ReSAKSS; Simon Kisira, NPCA, Paul Guthiga, ReSAKSS; Gideon Nzuki, EABC.

On 12 June 2012, the Steering Committee of the Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System for Eastern and Central Africa (ReSAKSS-ECA) met at the Nairobi campus of the International Livestock Research Institute to review the progress of project activities undertaken during Phase I (2007-2010) and present the activities planned for Phase II.

During the meeting, an update on the progress of activities undertaken during the first phase (2007-2010) was provided. The committee commended Re-SAKSS-ECA for the outputs generated during the phase. It was noted that a challenge remains on finding appropriate forums and mechanisms for feeding the outputs to policymaking processes in the region. It was recommended that further efforts be made to ensure ReSAKSS works closely with regional economic communities in planning of activities, implementation and dissemination. A recommendation was made that the membership of the steering committee be increased to include representation from the Inter-Governmental Agency for Development and the Economic Community of Central African States. >>Download the Presentation

The activities for Phase II (2011-2015) were also presented  The role of the steering committee in supporting the strengthening of national strategic analysis and knowledge support systems (SAKSS) was discussed. It was suggested that the committee members and their institutions should advocate and lobby for the incorporation of the SAKSS concept in national investment plans to support strategic analysis and monitoring and evaluation functions. It was also agreed that ReSAKSS should continue to support existing country systems to enhance the SAKSS function and engage with other partners to support establishment of new SAKSS nodes where they do not exist.  >> Download the Presentation

Chaired by the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), the Steering Committee is mandated to guide the activities of ReSAKSS-ECA. Specifically, the committee:

  • provides political and strategic guidance to ReSAKSS-ECA;
  • reviews and makes recommendations on the future plans of the node and discusses the strategic implementation of activities in line with its multi-year work plan; and
  • guides and supports the building of strategic partnerships and collaborations to enhance effective implementation of the ReSAKSS agenda, leveraging of resources and sharing of lessons.

In addition to host-country government representatives, the membership of the steering committee includes the following organizations:

Observers include donor representatives and coordinators of other ReSAKSS nodes, with ReSAKSS-ECA as the secretariat.

The brief was prepared by Paul Guthiga ( and Stella Massawe ( from ReSAKSS-ECA.

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