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Summary Report of the Five Regional-level Workshops on Capacity Strengthening Released

August 28, 2012

The summary report of ReSAKSS–Africa Lead Project on Strengthening Capacity for Strategic Agricultural Policy and Investment Planning and Implementation in Africa is now released.

The five regional-level training workshops, which were organized in April and June 2012, attracted a total of 92 people (including 19 females) from 37 countries. Because of the linguistic diversity of the countries, two of the workshops were conducted in French for 27 of the participants covering 11 countries, while the other three were organized in English. The workshops provided trainings on the CAADP agenda, SAKSS concepts, monitoring and evaluation, agricultural policy analysis and knowledge management tools. The two-day (three days for the SAKSS-ready countries) gatherings were also used by participants as a forum for discussing and sharing experiences that enhanced ideas on how country SAKSS can be designed in the different countries. Through the group discussions, participants identified country needs as far as SAKSS is concerned. This has already helped to improve the methodology and instruments used for undertaking the country SAKSS capacity needs assessments that were recently launched.

The results of the assessments, hopefully, will help governments and stakeholders identify capacities, analytical tools, and information to generate credible, timely and high quality knowledge products to inform and guide agricultural sector policies and planning and review processes. The assessments for 15 countries are expected to complete by the end of September 2012 and then the recommendations will be implemented in collaboration with governments and stakeholders.

>> Read the report

Read more about the five workshops:

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