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Save the date! The 9th CAADP Partnership Platform to take place March 25-27

February 12, 2013

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Over 200 delegates will gather on March 25-27 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for the 9th CAADP Partnership Platform (PP) held by the African Union Commission and NEPAD Agency. The theme this year will be “Sustaining the CAADP Momentum – from Decisions and Commitments to Implementation for Results for Impact”, focusing attention on the successes of CAADP and lessons learned over the last ten years as well as the creation of solutions to challenges anticipated in the future. Two overarching questions will guide discussions- What lessons and experiences should inform future priorities and practices for CAADP stakeholders? Based on lessons and experiences of CAADP implementation, what options should inform the commitment to measuring results and impact?

The PP coincides with the 10 year anniversary of CAADP, providing an excellent opportunity to evaluate what CAADP has achieved thus far and determine where progress needs to be made. Although implementation of CAADP has been slow and in many instances targets have not yet been achieved, it has created a process that facilitates the prioritization of agriculture and the enhancement of national investment strategies (See the Brookings report CAADP at 10 and the 2011 ReSAKSS Annual Trends and Outlook Report). Although 30 countries have signed the CAADP compact, less than a third of those have reached the CAADP target of 10 percent share of public expenditures allocated to agriculture. In addition, country ownership and clarification of the roles of supporting organizations could be increased (See the IPRI Discussion Paper). The focus of this year’s PP on results and impact is thus highly suitable to ensure that steps are taken to convert CAADP commitments into action.

In an effort to strengthen country leadership and raise the political profile of CAADP, the PP will engage key political leaders to address key topics. The Platform will be conducted through parallel and plenary sessions emphasizing case studies and experiences to drive discussions. The sessions will focus on four areas:

1. Harnessing different and emerging financial models for effective agricultural investment
2. Strengthening country leadership and ownership
3. Establishing instruments and mechanism for strengthening accountability
4. Fostering Policy reforms, institutional change and structural transformation

In addition, the PP will create a forum for all stakeholders involved in agricultural development to exchange information and experiences, provide a means of alignment with the CAADP agenda, discuss newly emerging issues and their implications for CAADP, assess progress and performance of CAADP targets, evaluate the progress of CAADP and create a vision for the future, and engage in political mobilization for sustaining CAADP momentum. For more information, please visit the CAADP website

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  1. roger MADIAMBA permalink
    February 14, 2013 11:03 am

    My Dear, Thanks for the information. I save this date. Kind regards. Dr Roger MADIAMBA MPONDA DRC

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